The Turenne Dream

It was the dream of our founder, Roger Turenne, to create a business built on the principles that hard work and serving others well lead to success.  After spending nearly 25 years with the United States Public Health Service, Roger, a former social worker, knew that there was a dire need for quality long-term care that was competent and compassionate. He bought his first nursing home in 1986 and spent four years transforming a rundown and troubled facility into one that future residents could be proud to call their home. Under Roger’s guidance, the number of residents went from 13 to 284 and the facility became one of the best in the state. Roger and his family went on to purchase more skilled nursing homes and other businesses dedicated to supporting quality long-term care. As the company grows under the leadership of Roger’s son, Bill Turenne will continue to hold fast to our founding principles and chart our success by how well our efforts serve others.

A Message from Bill

Welcome to the Turenne Family of Companies.

Throughout the years, we have been blessed with a wonderful team of professionals who not only keep us running smoothly, but care about how their work will benefit those we serve.

Our employees have truly been the fuel for our success and our ability to expand our reach from one facility with just 13 residents in the beginning to thousands of customers all over the nation.

As we look forward to the future, we realize that the focus of long-term healthcare is widening to include new technologies and smarter ways to provide for our elder population and Turenne is on the forefront of next generation service and solutions. This is the only way we know how to continually improve our business and promote the betterment of our industry.

Bill Turenne
Owner and CEO
Turenne & Associates